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Value One King West 4 Night Double PKG is $915.00 per person and includes a 4 night stay and 4 tickets of your choice for each person. Package requires 2 people to a room with .

Hotel Packages are 90% sold out with limited quantities remaining. Prices increase Monday, June 17th.

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Hotel package prices will increase next on March 19th 2019. Packages at the current rate will be on sale for a limited time and will sell out. Value One King West 4 Night Double PKG starts at $915.00 CAD per person and includes 4 tickets per person.

One King West

Each hotel room includes two double beds.

One King West is a 4-star premium luxury hotel, offering suite-style rooms with modern decor and spectacular views of the downtown core. Each spacious suite comes with a host of upscale features, including a full in-suite kitchen with laundry, tall ceilings, chic bathroom and designer decor throughout.

Located in the core of downtown Toronto, only minutes from the entertainment and shopping districts, One King West positions you within walking distance or a short cab ride to the majority of Caribana events and many major Toronto attractions.
How It Works
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416-833-6154 or
Each person is able to select 4 events from 23 available choices.
This Package requires 2 people.
Toronto, Entertainment District
Room Detail
Each hotel room includes two double beds.
Historic suites feature two luxurious double beds along with stylish modern d├ęcor, en suite washer/dryer, large-screen HDTV, chic bathroom and full kitchenette. One King West offers the finest in personalized boutique hotel amenities, including full concierge services, valet parking, and modern rooftop fitness centre.
Check In/Check Out
3pm check in, 11am check out
Hotel Packages are 90% sold out with limited quantities remaining. Prices increase Monday, June 17th.
Refund Policy
There are absolutely no refunds on hotel packages, please plan accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Exclusive and Value hotel packages?

The Exclusive packages are our most popular packages. The Exclusive packages include more event tickets throughout Caribana weekend and allow you to choose from a wider variety of event options. The Value packages include less event tickets and offer a smaller selection of event tickets.

How close are the hotels from the Caribana nightlife events?

All of the hotels included in our hotel packages are located in close proximity to the Caribana nightlife events. While most venues are located within walking distance, you may also decide to take a short cab ride to your destination. Some bigger events are located just outside of the downtown core, we suggest planning accordingly for an uber/cab ride to get to these events located at Rebel, or Cabana Pool Bar.

Are the hotel prices advertised on the website the cost per night?

No. The prices listed on the website indicate the total cost per person (inclusive of tax) of your entire stay. This price entitles each guest to hotel accommodations for two, three nights or four nights (depending on the package selected), as well as tickets to CaribanaToronto events.

Am I able to put down a deposit on my hotel room in order to reserve it?

No. If you are paying in portion payments, each member of your group must pay for their portion in full before the hotel room will be reserved. We advise all guests to complete their portion payments as early on as possible in order to avoid paying increased rates or disappointment in the event that a hotel sells out. Please visit our "How It Works" page for more details on portion payments.

Do you offer payment plans for hotel packages?

No. We offer groups to pay via per person portion payments. For example, if you are selecting a triple package (for three people) there would be three portions to pay. Upon checkout, you can select the quantity of portions you would like to pay at once. If you select quantity one, you have paid for one portion of the room and will then be sent an email with a group payment link for your group members to pay their portions of the room. This link will ensure your payments are grouped together towards the same room.

I am paying via portion payments. How do I ensure that my guests will be assigned to the same hotel room as me?

If you and your guests are paying separately, you must each ensure that you fill out the names of each group member prior to purchase. You will then receive a Group ID and payment link via email which you can share with the remainder of your group members. Once the remaining group members pay through their unique payment links you will be automatically matched in the same hotel room.

Do the hotels offer wireless Internet?

Yes, all of the hotels offer wireless Internet. However, some hotels may charge an additional fee per day for Internet access.

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