How Our Hotel Packages Work

Event Tickets are 90% sold out with limited availability. Weekend Passes available now in limited quantities.

Event Tickets are 90% sold out with limited availability. Weekend Passes available now in limited quantities.

1. Select Your Hotel Package

We offer 2, 3, and 4 night packages that can accommodate between 2 - 4 guests each. Prices are listed per person.

You have the option of choosing between Exclusive and Value hotel packages.

  •    The Exclusive package has a larger selection of nightlife events and includes day-life tickets
  •    The Value package offers a smaller selection of 1 event per day only

Note: Bedding types and details can be found under Room Detail.

2. Select Your Event Tickets & Check In Date

Each hotel package includes event tickets for each night of your stay. E-tickets will be sent out on July 16th, 2019.

To assist you in choosing your 2019 events, you can view last year’s events by clicking here. Information on this year’s venues and guest appearances will be released in Spring 2019.

3. Enter The Names of Your Group Members

If you are purchasing your package as a group and would like to allow each of your group members to pay for their portion of the room individually, please select one Group Leader to confirm their payment first.

Your Group Leader will then input the rest of your group members’ names. All members will then receive a unique Group ID number and payment link. To ensure to book your room as a group, you must pay via your Group payment link. Please be advised that ALL Caribana hotel prices increase monthly. This applies to new purchases and groups with outstanding individual payments. Prices are NOT locked in for outstanding group members and any outstanding payments will be subject to monthly price increases.

4. Review Payment Quantity

You can choose to pay for more than one group member by selecting the quantity number. If it is only yourself that you are paying for, keep the default quantity at 1. 

Once checkout is complete, please take down your Sales Order Number. This is your receipt number that can be used by Customer Service Representatives to look up your transaction in our system.

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