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Sunlime Canada Cultural Group is dedicated to celebrating the rich and vibrant Caribbean culture through costume design, storytelling, and experiences. Our community is a place to connect, share stories of our history, learn, be inspired, and be empowered.

With over twenty years of experience in presenting masquerade at a number of events, primarily the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, what began as a group of family and friends, has developed into a community of skilled individuals and artisans responsible for the design and construction of costumes and floats. Since its official formation, Sunlime has garnered a reputation for original design, precision in its operations, and an environment which encourages interest in playing mas.
Launch Date:
Sunday April 2nd 2023
Contact Name
Dwayne Gunness
215 - 260 Carlaw Ave. Toronto, ON, M4M 3L1
Contact Number
(416) 990 - 7112
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